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Luminous Energy Designs provides a flexible approach to completing your project on your terms.  Whether it be full turnkey, or some smaller slice of the overall project, we are all in.  We provide the photometric design,  specify the proper fixtures, to meet your budget/lighting demands and install all fixtures, using licensed master electricians.

We focus on providing an attractive ROI through utility-rebate and Federal tax incentive backed opportunities.

Luminous Energy Designs provides CAD lighting designs allowing you to “dial in” required lighting levels and previewing how the selected fixtures will look before installation.  Whether it be an interior or exterior design, we can show you exactly what you are going to get, before spending a dime.

Luminous Energy Designs offers a variety of hardware and software lighting solutions. We offer a wide variety of control designs that allow for maximum energy efficiency. Systems are digital and scalable. These lighting control systems are designed for easy specification, installation, programming and use.  Incorporating intelligent, web based lighting controls to your retrofit project maximizes power company rebates.

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